Monday, June 19, 2006

Smoking ban soon at hawker centres, coffee

COME July 1, the ban on smoking will be extended to hawker centres, coffee shops, and cafes.

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and the National Environment Agency (NEA) made the announcement last year.

The ban will affect some 7,400 food outlets. This number does not include food outlets licensed as restaurants, as the ban is already in force in those establishments.

However, foodshops - which include hawker centres, coffee shops, restaurants and cafes - won't be completely no-go zones for smokers.

Foodshop operators can designate up to 20 per cent of the floor area in their outdoor refreshment areas as a smoking corner if NEA approves it.

Foodshops that have only non air-conditioned indoor refreshment areas can designate up to 10 per cent of their seating area as a smoking corner.

NEA officers will conduct regular inspections on all foodshops to ensure that smokers are smoking only within the designated smoking areas.

More than 1,600 food outlets have applied for smoking corners to date, while almost 200 have opted to go smoke-free.

Full report here @ AsiaOne.

My 2 cents: Yeah! Good news for all non-smokers yah? All those second hand smoke can kill you.


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